You’ll have heard of the saying that a picture paints a thousand words? Usually, it’s about distilling lots of language into one simple image which can be understood even if the same language isn’t available. Well, I’m not sure about a thousand words, but this picture says so much to me!

What I see

One of the beauties about being human is that we all see the world slightly differently. We all see the world through the lens of our life and experience. This might be made up of being part of a family with certain beliefs, a sports activity that encourages certain models, time at school, work etc. And, this can be super valuable in our exchanges with each other, seeing the other point of view.

To me, this picture says a few things;

  • that it’s possible to change
  • that change is inevitable, so we’ll not be stuck forever
  • that what we see on the inside isn’t necessarily what others see
  • that we all have potential
  • that there is always hope
  • that the spirit and soul carries on even without the physical body
  • that growth is always available

The essense of coaching

Basically, all of this is what’s at the heart of coaching. Coaching is about supporting someone through learning and change. Whether this is in sport, in relationships, at work, in personal development – and sometimes all of these!!

As a matter of fact, my coaching practice is very future oriented. Sometimes, putting things in the context of the past is interesting and can shed light on the situation, but what matters more is ‘what now?’ ‘What comes next?’ ‘How can I make the change to live the best life I can?’

And, this isn’t a one time offer! I’m a firm believer in continuing to expand my knowledge, ability, senses, understanding and foundations of who I am. Sometimes, called a certified life long learner. I’ll never be ‘finished’ – certainly not in this life time. And, when I apply this thinking to life, it all seems possible. Whether I’m spending time with my horses, my dog, clients, family or friends, knowing there is more to come seems exciting.

What does this picture inspire in you?

So, what was the first thing that came to mind when you looked at the picture? Which thousand words came into your head? Did it take you forwards into your future, or back into your past? Were there other pictures present? How did it feel? Optimistic or something else? I wonder what sounds you’d associate with it?

Often tuning into those occasions when a picture paints a thousand words can be really informative and can help us move forward.

I’m going to keep this picture near my desk for those days when I feel a bit stuck and need a bit of inspiration.

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