This one is for the horse riders amongst you; a brand new rider programme – helping you to be the rider your horse would choose.

Would you…?

  • like to understand more about what your horse is thinking and how he might react?
  • like to know how to respond positively to your horse, meeting his needs and building your relationship?
  • like to be able to ride even more confidently?

Then, this programme will be for you.

A programme developed

For many years, I’ve delivered the popular Rider Development Programme, focusing on horse and rider psychology and rider balance and body awareness. Well, as with all good products, they have to keep developing. I have a broader knowledge in hypnosis, neurology and coaching, plus cutting edge understanding of horse welfare and the debate about our social licence to operate (SLO). It’s from this perspective that this new programme has emerged.

So, what’s included?

It’s no longer enough to focus only on what happens when we’re in the saddle. Our time with our horse (whether we’re their long term custodians or simply privileged to spend time with them occasionally, riding or not) is precious. Because of how the horse interprets and manages its environment, they’re aware of how we are and our intentions long before we tune in to our plans for them for that day. It’s here that this programme starts.

We’ll begin with more understanding of how your horse is thinking and a greater awareness of your response to that. Then, we’ll include strategies for being more confident in all your interactions with them, whether riding or not. It’s not about teaching you to ride (tho I can do that too!), rather help you take a step back and consider how to make your time with your horse even more rewarding.

What’s next…

There are three introductory sessions 11th October, 15th November and 6th December all at 7pm. All will be held at Stepney Bank Stables, easily reached by car or public transport in Newcastle. Then the full course programme will be announced.

These sessions last an hour and cost only £8 each and can be booked directly with the stables at

Next Steps

When you’re ready to secure your place to become the rider your horse would choose, simply message me directly, or contact Stepney Bank Stables on 0191 2615544 and we’ll make sure we save your space.

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