I saw this meme recently; whatever you do today, do it like a four year old in a Batman teeshirt.

It really made me smile! Not only did I have an image of my great nephew as a four year old with exactly that confidence, it also brought to mind a picture of me as a four year old in a Batman costume. -)


If, like me, you never actually wore a Batman costume even when you were four, it doesn’t matter; it’s not really the point.

There are many ways that these sayings come into our lives, but probably most often via the internet and social media. I’m not sure I was aware of them before then, certainly not visually. I guess there have always been sayings like ‘a bad workman blames his tools’ but I’d call these proverbs I think?

Thinking of a four year old in a Batman teeshirt just makes me giggle and imagine myself as having a really confident attitude to life. A feeling of being really powerful and having the ability to do anything!! So, even though I’ve never experienced it, I can imagine it.

The value of memes

For some people, memes are, quite simply, a waste of time.

But, there are reasons why we shouldn’t necessarily scroll by;

  • they’re a very easy, punchy way to get a point over. They can be romantic, funny, sad, poignant – stirring any emotion easily and quickly. Often accompanied by a picture, lots of words are not needed. In this world of hasty reading, we’re often short of time, so having something instantly accessible can be helpful.
  • we quite often feel the emotion instanteously. This is because although we read the words/see the picture, it’s our unconscious that ‘hear’ the message first. This then sparks our nervous system and we experience sensations, and emotions without it all going through our conscious brain. So, they’re a great aid to coaching (so long as they’re used respectively and with integrity)
  • it’s an easy way to share information. This was the original meaning of the word meme. The word comes from the Greek mimema, meaning ‘imitated’. It was first introduced by Richard Dawkins to explain how aspects of culture replicate, mutate, and evolve. This is even more true now as they whizz round the internet.

The downside

I know everyone isn’t a fan. And, I understand why. They can be a bit intrusive, suddenly arriving on our screen. And, I guess, I don’t like having my emotions tugged unexpectedly. Having said that, perhaps that’s something we accept being around social media at all?

Pass it on

So, what’s your favourite meme? What struck you about it first? Did you share it? Let us know what message you would pass on in a meme and let’s create some new ones.

In the meantime, whatever you do today, do it like a four year old in a Batman teeshirt

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Do it like a four year old in a Batman teeshirt