I know we’re all still in lockdown, and yearning for a time when we can have contact with people, stretch our brains and do some of the things that were, at one time, so familiar.

One of the ways we can keep our brains working well is to have things to look forward to.  And, what could be better than getting out in the beautiful surroundings of Dilston Physic Garden for some mind magic with Kay Cooke and her team.

We’re running a number of events for you and your young people.  More details are available on Kay’s website and clicking here will take you straight there.

I know it might seem like a long time away, but when you picture yourself in the warm, fragrant surroundings of the Physic Garden, feeling the sun on your back and noticing the fragrant aromas of all of their beautiful plants and flowers, why would you not want to join us?