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Gallop for Growth

Horses are extraordinarily responsive to human emotions often reflecting our own state of mind, helping us gain insight.

Facilitators for development…

They’re great facilitators for our personal and professional development as they live in the moment and are never incongruent. So, they help us take time to think about what we want out of life.
It is often said that the horse will mirror us, so there is a lot to be gained from observing their behaviour when we’re around as we’ll learn from their reaction to us.
In an innovative programme, I’ve formed a partnership with Stepney Bank Stables to help participants easily find themselves making an abundance of discoveries that help boost self esteem

How can horses help?

When you join this programme, you will quickly find that horses can help you whether your goal is to :

  • make effective decisions;
  • improve communication;
  • be more confident;
  • build self awareness;
  • learn how to be resilient and cope with life’s knock backs

No previous equestrian experience is necessary.

What happens?

horse in field for gallop for growthGallop for growth sessions will take place at Stepney Bank Stables.  A typical one to one session will last up to one and a half hours with group sessions being tailored to your needs.
While you are enjoying the sessions which bring you and a horse together you can easily take part in activities such as observing their behaviour, grooming and leading them through an obstacle course.  You won’t need to ride.
There will be plenty of opportunity to talk through your experience in a confidential, non pressurised environment as you reflect on the amazing changes you’ve made.
The horse experiences his/her own emotions and is always treated respectfully and ethically. 

I don’t know how quickly you’ll want to find out more, but when you’re ready, please just get in touch here