The start of another year can mean so many different things.  For me, I don’t make resolutions as such (too many failures!) but rather make intentions about how I’ll live my life; in 2023, this is to do what makes me happy.  I’ve even got a diary that says so!! I’m making changes in my life that will allow me to focus on my coaching practice (both people development and riding) as I know this is where I find my flow and do my best work.  I have years of experience of supporting people in their work, relationships and life goals and it’s time to really bring focus to this area.  I’ll also be making time to practice yoga regularly, and spend time with the people I love as well as my dog and horses.

The first part of this intention is that I’ve developed a twelve month programme of activities/reading which build on the weekly PEP talk emails.  Doing this is part of paying attention to my own well-being and everything I’ll share I’ve tried myself and found helpful – after all, we have to put our own oxygen on first! If you use these updates, they’ll keep you feeling positive and resilient all year.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll need some sort of structure to help you create new good habits.

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Look forward to seeing you there!