I’m curious to know what you think of affirmations? Is it something you use? Have you heard of them? What’s your experience? So let’s talk affirmations!

What are they?

Let’s just check out what an affirmation is. There are many definitions to be found via the web. One thing they all have in common is that they offer some sort of support or encouragement. It’s often the case that it would be something you would say to someone else; a recognition of some effort they’ve made or confirmation of a truth.

What’s a bit more awkward is the thought of saying an affirmation to ourselves. Especially using a mirror to make sure we look ourselves in the eye whilst we’re saying it. How would you feel about saying ‘I am good and getting better’ or ‘I am valued and helpful?’ What do you notice about your response when you imagine yourself doing this? We’re often trained as youngsters that we should be self effacing. This can sometimes lead us to slipping into negative self-talk which can then become a habit.

It’s worth finding out more as affirmations can be used to help calm anxiety. Your brain is able to change (called neuroplasticity), it can be trained to respond to situations differently.

How do you do it?

It’s best to use affirmations in the morning so that you can come back to them during the day and they’ll help to guide your actions. However, saying them before you go to sleep can work well too as this is when your brain does its best processing, pruning all of those unhelpful neural pathways to allow the new ones to become established.

What’s your experience of affirmations? Have you used them before? When you give it a go, let me know how you get on – especially when you use them over a week or so; what difference do you notice?

Let's talk affirmations

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