I saw a phrase recently that really made sense to me. It was actually in relation to horses, but I think to stay coachable is true in the rest of life too.



Stay coachable throughout all stages of your life.

Steve Nice




It got me thinking about what it meant and why it resonated. I worked with someone recently who fitted the job description of the perfect client. Included in that job description would be;



be prepared to work hard and be committed to your path



prepare to be challenged and be open minded to change



be prepared to be goal and solution focused to any problems



prepare to look to the future



Needless to say, they made amazing progress as they didn’t shy away from any of these aspects.



And, I think that’s what is meant by ‘stay coachable throughout all stages of your life’. Of course, you might not have been a coaching client yet, but what about being coachable in life in general? Even without the guide of a coach, looking to the future, being prepared to change, staying open to challenge and taking a problem solving approach seems like a good way to live life. If ever you feel like you’re ‘stuck’, then it might be that you’ve moved away from being ‘coachable’.



As always, I’d love to hear your experience of living life ‘coachable’. Just get in touch with the contact form or contact me directly by phone or email or facebook. Look forward to hearing from you.


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stay coachable