For many of us, we know how amazing animals can be and the positive impact they can have on our lives. We may have animals in our family. I have two horses, Sheridan and Snoopy, and my dog Tuzik. They bring me joy (and some other feelings) every day.

But, today, I’d like to introduce you to some animals that will be useful in your mind, your imagination and your unconscious. I’d like to introduce you to the magic of animals.

Try this!

I’d like you to bring to mind an animal which, to you, represents courage. It can be anything from the tiniest flea to the biggest dinosaur. It can be something in real life, or something in your imagination. You choose.

Got them?

OK. Now, say out loud what it is about this creature that makes you describe them as courageous. Describe how they look. How tall are they? Are they on two legs or four, or none? Are they covered in hair, fur, scales or something else? Keep going until you have a very clear picture of your animal.

Let’s move on to whether or not they make a sound? Is it low, high pitched, loud or soft? Does it come frequently, or only in certain circumstances? Keep going until you’re really clear about the sound it makes.

Maybe consider the animal’s posture; how do they stand? What about movement? Smooth, sudden, big, small?

What must they be like to touch? Do they enjoy touch?

And, would you recognise this animal by its smell? Perhaps it’s familiar to you?

How is this relevant to your life?

Still with me? Great!

Now, consider a scenario where you’d like to feel more courage. Maybe at work, there’s a colleague you’d like to have a more positive relationship with. Perhaps a family member with whom you need better communication. I wonder if you have an exam or competition coming up that you’d like to be really prepared for.

Are you ready to feel the magic of animals?

What happens next?

Next question – what would your animal say about the scenario? What would they think about it? How would they respond? What would their advice be? How might they approach the situation?

You might notice how they’re standing, what they’re saying. What’s changed in the face of this situation?

What is the outcome of how the animal is dealing with the scenario? And, what preparation would the animal have done to be able to deal with it successfully?

It’s a resource for you

How do you feel about how this animal is doing? Is it something you recognise? Which aspects have you already tried? Which ones might work for you in the future?

Try it out now – step into this animals paws/hooves/fins. Move like them, stand like them. Take on their voice. Say what they’re saying.

Imagine the situation you thought of at the beginning and see how it feels now that you have taken on your courageous animal’s characteristics. What’s different now that you’ve taken on courage? How are you dealing with the situation more effectively? What different view do you have on it now? How do you feel about it? What preparations can you make to prepare better?

Not just courage

Although we’ve explored taking on your animal’s courage here, what about all the other attributes you can find? How about if you’re seeking to be more compassionate? What if you’re looking to negotiate somewhere? Which animals might help you do these even better?

Have fun with the magic of animals!

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