Hello Everyone, and welcome to this week’s PEP Talk about inspirational quotes.

You might know that I’m a sucker for a good quote! This is especially if it touches something in me that is lifted or motivated in some way by it. You might also know that one of my favourite authors is Victor Frankl. I’ve written about him before with reference to his book ‘Man’s search for meaning’ about his time in Auschwitz where he applied his science of logotherapy to survive the horrors of the treatment there. Logotherapy is essentially man’s search for a life purpose. If, like me, you believe that we’re here for a reason, then this will speak to you too.

My favourite inspirational quotes

Anyway, this post isn’t about our search for meaning, but about inspirational quotes. One of my favourites is from Victor Frankl;


“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”


I take this to mean that as we largely can’t control life, we’ll find ourselves in uncomfortable situations at times. They may not be of our making, but we still have the choice about how to respond. We don’t have to react to our first feelings. Being aware of the physical sensations we have in response to a situation and recognising that they really are only physical sensations and we can choose what we do next is a skill that can be learned. And, it’s way more effective than simply reacting to that feeling of tightness in our tummies or our hearts beating faster.


Of course, most of us won’t find ourselves in such a desperate situation as Victor Frankl (thankfully), but just taking that moment to choose how you respond to a situation means that everything else can be taken away, but we will still have that freedom.

I’d love to hear your favourite quotes – get in touch and let me know through the contact page.

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Inspirational Quotes