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Feedback from coaching clients;

I had a goal I held for over a year……I had never shared it and wasn’t sure it was achievable so it kept spinning around my head and I would flick it to one side. So I went along to Goal Setting with Tracey and learnt how to bring my goal to reality and how to manage getting there. That evening, the first and biggest step for me was to say what my goal was in my little group….. it was out there! Immediately one of my group said she would help me on the day …… boom !!! the show was on the road…… I kept Tracey’s notes close and worked hard to goal day…… I achieved much more than I expected, I learned not to be hard on myself and had my goal not gone to plan, it would be an important experience to try again and again.’

Participant in a goal setting workshop

‘I work for The Prince’s Trust as a HR Business Partner. Within this role I am passionate about supporting our leaders development through a range of personal development activities. Tracey has supported The Trust greatly in providing leadership coaching to our leaders. Feedback I have had from those who have received her service has been fantastic with one leader commenting that it was the best leadership development opportunity they have ever participated in. I would highly recommend working with Tracey and I do hope The Trust can continue its relationship with Tracey as her service adds so much value to both our leaders and those within their teams. Thank you Tracey for your commitment and hard work!’

Selina Binfield | People Partner | The Prince’s Trust

Having come to a standstill with my management style I quickly became frustrated with a lack of development. Undertaking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator was a great insight into how I could continue my development whilst meeting the changing demands of my role, however, without the skill, patience and insight of Tracey, I would have never achieved the full benefit of the process. I cannot speak highly enough of Tracey and the continued support she has given me through this process and I urge anyone currently standing at the same crossroads I was to take the plunge and reap the benefits‘.

Sgt, Northumbria Police.

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“Tracey is an energetic, enthusiastic and forward looking individual who through her person centered approach brings out the best in those she works with.”

Business Manager, Northumbria Police

‘Tracey is a good listener and coach, helping you to understand how you need to achieve your end goal. She allows her team the autonomy and responsibility to work on projects, thereby, promoting the learning and development of the individual and the team. Tracey is a confident speaker in front of groups, displaying her enthusiasm and focus to meet the objectives of the engagement.‘ 

HR Masters Student

“Tracey has the ability to, not only get to the heart of an issue, but to see it from different points of view. Her empathic, non-judgemental style means that she is able to engage with others easily, encouraging their participation in moving things forward.”

Management Consultant

“What you’ve given me is life changing”

Feedback Image showing confidence

Feedback from Gallop4Growth sessions;

‘Wow!  What an amazing session that was – thank you so much.’ 

Gallop 4 Growth Client after one session

“The discussion about how understanding the horses could help us understand our own relationships. I also thought that Tracey was very sympathetic and understanding of everyone.” 

Equine Facilitated Development Workshop participant.

An excellent, unique experience and group activity!”

Participant in a taster session.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect from the session but my horse-coach Sal had no such qualms. She ran around the ring, rolled on her back and kept coming over to say hello. Her non-judgemental, in-the-moment being helped to strip away a lot of complicating human stuff that often gets in the way of understanding who we are, what we believe and how we relate to others. Tracey’s gently probing approach and her knowledge of horses combined to produce an enjoyable, enriching and enlightening experience.”

Richard Simpson. Richard Simpson Associates.

“By watching how the horses reacted I think it helped understand human interaction as well. It was very interesting and a great way to introduce people to how groups of individuals interact and so lends itself to team building.”

Equine Facilitated Development Workshop participant.

“An environment that encourages you to think deeply about what coaching and leadership are really about.Really gets you thinking about body language Loads of references back to behaviour in organisations, who leads change, how do we generate buy in, how do we respond to reluctance, intransigence etc  Every session will be different depending on the horse(s)’ frame of mind.”

Equine Facilitated Development Workshop participant.

Fun, informative session – I can really see how I can apply this to my work.’
Participant at Taster Session

‘Tracey gave me something that noone else, in 30 years, has been able to‘.

“Since working with Tracey, I’ve stopped smoking, and feel more confident and relaxed.”
From a client working through Gallop 4 Growth

“I still know nothing about NLP or how the horses work, I just know that I go away feeling happy every time!”
Client wanting more confidence and to be more relaxed

I attended not really knowing what to expect and was amazed how much I got out of the workshop.  I will be talking about the issues raised for some time!”
Participant at a taster workshop.

Didn’t know what to expect, but had high hopes which were met!’
‘Made me think about myself in a different way.’
‘It was a fun, interactive session, gently drawing on theory.’
‘Very interesting way of learning about good communication, influencing skills.’
‘Great opportunity to grow your mind.’
‘Great experience.
‘I’m going to think more about what I do and can contribute ratherthan what’s missing’
‘I’m going to make time for reflection and look for positives’
‘I feel more confidence in my own ability’
‘I’m looking for opportunities to use what I’ve learned about’
‘I will be talking about this workshop for a long time! Working with the horses gave a shared experience that facilitated honest conversations.’
From Thinking Digital Conference Gallop4Growth

“I enjoyed learning about different personalities and how we can work together.”
From a group of youth workers

Feedback Image

Feedback from workshops;

“I really like Tracey’s style – she is positive, patient and motivating but it comes across as genuine rather than ‘put on’ that is really important to me”

Participant at NSPCC

“Tracey is an excellent communicator and facilitator, whether it be on a one to one basis or managing larger groups. Her enthusiasm is infectious which contributes towards the participative style of events she is involved with. Tracey listens well and weaves individuals contributions into the fabric of the broader issues, She ensures that the contribution of each individual is recognised and valued while managing to maintain sight of strategic goals and objectives. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey as a professional and trustworthy colleague that can be relied upon to deal with sensitive and challenging issues with integrity and discretion.”

Senior Manager, Northumbria Police

You are a bright and lively presenter who creates good energy.”

Participants at Change Camp

“Enlightening, educational, informative and interesting; I enjoyed this well presented session”

Participants at Change Camp.

Great style of speaking and presentation.”
Participants at Change Camp.

“I felt more confidence about my communication skills
Participant at ‘Communication’ workshop

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Feedback from the Rider Development Programme;

– made me examine some of the things I do and take for granted
– impatient to try some of the techniques
– enjoyed shrinking the image of the bad experience
– I understand the horse more
– enjoyed the practical element that made the theory make sense
– inspirational! motiviational!
– I feel more confidence
– I believe in me!

I recently attended Tracey’s ‘People Excellance Performance’ course. I found it motivating, enlightening and fun!

My instructor recognized an improvement with my seat, and asked me had i done some extra lessons.

Feedback Image

And as a riding coach to boost confidence;

“I achieved my objective – I got onto a horse I’d never been on before and within half an hour I was cantering on her, completely happy, no nerves.  SUCCESS.”

From a ‘Confidence Clinic’

“Fantastic instructor and coach! The things I like best are how positive you are and that you explain HOW to change things not just what to change – also you build things up in achievable steps. I feel I’ve made progress in my riding for the first time in years and recently achieved my best dressage score yet! Also my (teenage) kids love their lessons too.”

“Tracey takes time to listen and caters to the individual’s needs. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

“Tracey has taught me on my horse and others in the run up to my BHS stage 4 exam. She has most recently provided some hugely helpful jumping coaching. Both her coaching skills and technical knowledge are excellent and bestow confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude on both rider and horse. Absolutely recommend.”

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